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The key to safety is in your hands

DropSafe® provides innovative products that prioritize and enhance the safety of healthcare professionals.

Struggling to source critical items such as Safety Syringes or Safety Pen Needles due to current supply shortages in the industry?

DropSafe has ample inventory immediately ready to ship and warehoused domestically in the US. Contact us today for more information!

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Passive Safety Needle

Confidence in Safe Drug Delivery

Prevent needlestick injuries with DropSafe Sicura, the first and only fully passive safety needle1,2

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Protection during Vaccine Administration

DropSafe Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage is a patented pre-injection self-adhesive bandage applied prior to subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, providing containment of post-injection bleeding to limit healthcare professional contact to bloodborne pathogens.

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Drug Delivery

Healthcare professionals’ safety during drug administration is prioritized with the DropSafe portfolio of safety-engineered devices.

DropSafe® Safety Pen Needles

DropSafe® Insulin Safety Syringe

DropSafe® Sicura™ Passive Safety Needle

Immunization Safety Suite

With a suite of tools designed to deliver a complete vaccination experience, healthcare professionals can feel confident that their safety is front and center.

DropSafe® Alcohol Prep Pads

DropSafe® Inject-Safe Barrier Bandage™

DropSafe® Sicura™ Passive Safety Needle

DropSafe® Syringe with Safety Needle

DropSafe® Safety Needle LD

DropSafe® Sharps Disposal

Capillary Blood Sampling

Safety lancets designed to minimize the risk of needlestick injuries with a fully enclosed needle. The auto-retraction mechanism ensures puncture accuracy and minimal trauma during capillary blood collection.

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*Residual volume 16 μl when in combination with DropSafe Low Dead Space Syringe and with the needle tightly connected.
+Residual volume 11 μl when in combination with DropSafe Low Dead Space Syringe and with the needle tightly connected.
Reference: 1. Data on File. As of 11.01.2022 of marketed safety needles in the US. 2. Sharps Injury Prevention Test of the DropSafe™ Sicura™ Passive Safety Needle. Final Report v1.3 | 25-March-2022 PIKDARE_HTL-STREFA_Report Form Ratings_Raw Data_analysis 3. Malinowski M, Serafin A, Prazmowska-Wilanowska A. DropSafe safety pen needle helps to prevent accidental needlesticks after injections: results of a simulated clinical study. Journal of Infection Prevention. 2020; ePub 1 September 2020: