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Immunization Safety Suite

DropSafe® Safety Needle LD

Hypodermic needle used in conjunction with a standard syringe. This device is used for aspiration and administration of medication. Fits Luer Lock syringes. Low dead space* to reduce medication waste.

606825G x 1”100 pieces per box
20 boxes per case


Maximize vaccine administration

DropSafe Safety Needle LD is a hinged cap safety design that permanently covers the needle to prevent needlestick injury after use. Fits Luer Lock syringes. Low dead space* to reduce medication waste.

  • Increase the amount of vaccine withdrawn from a multi-dose vial allowing for greater distribution of the vaccine with DropSafe low dead space needles.1-3
  • High quality safety-engineered design requires minimal training/in-service due to intuitive single-hand safety activation.​

Instructions for Use


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*Residual volume 11 μl when in combination with DropSafe Low Dead Space Syringe and with the needle tightly connected.
References: 1. Low Dead Space defined as below 35 microliters. EMA 2021. Extra dose from vials of Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine. News 08/01/2021. Available on-line at Accessed 22 January 2021. 2. Data on File. 25G 1ml syringes offer more accurate dose for lower volumes versus a 25G 3ml syringe 3. Strauss K, van Zundert A, Frid A, Costigliola V. Pandemic influenza preparedness: the critical role of the syringe. Vaccine. 2006 May 29;24(22):4874-82.