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Drug Delivery

DropSafe® Safety Pen Needles

DropSafe-safety-box-31G yellow

Sterile, single-use safety needles intended for use with pen injector devices for the injection of drugs.¹

816108489-8161-1031G × 5mm
(0.25mm × 3/16”)
100 pieces per box
20 boxes per case
816208489-8162-1031G x 6 mm
(0.25 mm x 1/4”)
100 pieces per box
20 boxes per case
816308489-8163-1031G x 8 mm
(0.25 mm x 5/16”)
100 pieces per box
20 boxes per case


Safer Drug Delivery for Clinicians with the new 31G x 5mm DropSafe Safety Pen Needle!

Despite current safety programs, medication injections account for 26% of needlestick injuries (NSI), with clinicians not activating the safety mechanism 72% of the time.

Safety pen needles (SPN) are the safest option for drug delivery.2,3 DropSafe SPN’s proprietary passive technology with automatic activation resulted in 100% success rate in performing injections with 0% failures.7

DropSafe delivers safety for Clinicians through Product & Process


Safety Pen Needles result in 3x lower incidence of NSIs compared to safety insulin syringes.3

DropSafe SPN passive safety technology is designed to improve safety for clinicians:

  • 93% satisfaction and a sense of security, both before and after the injection when using DropSafe.7
  • 100% of clinicians agreed that “the injection was easy” with DropSafe SPN.7


Risk of an NSI due to bilateral exposure can be minimized by using a shorter needle and injecting at a 90° insertion angle.4

At 5mm, clinicians can ditch the pinch with DropSafe SPN thereby reducing the risk of bilateral exposure.

  • HCPs were 97.9x as likely to report a bilateral exposure NSI if a skin fold was conducted during medication administration.4
  • Insulin injections cause 45% of bilateral exposures, and 82% of the time a safety engineered sharp was used.

Safety Pen Needles are preferred by Clinicians and Patients


spn gloved hand

When considering dose preparation and administration, 77% of nurses were confident in dose accuracy with a safety pen needle & insulin pen over an insulin syringe.8

spn needle window

With an unobstructed needle viewing window, priming confirmation and injection site administration are clearly visible with DropSafe SPN.


spn injection

When a safety pen needle was used in the hospital and patients continued to use insulin pens with a pen needle at home, the will likely continue to be adherent, leading to a reduction of in-hospital costs.8 Patient satisfaction improved by 498% when able to continue taking insulin at home with the use of a pen needle versus a syringe.8

DropSafe Safety Pen Needle usage steps diagram

How does DropSafe work?

DropSafe has a unique and proprietary built-in sharps injury prevention feature (SIPF). DropSafe was specifically designed to minimize the risk from accidental needlesticks by application of the SIPF.

  • The viewing window enables the user to check if the needle is visible.
  • The shield serves to hide the needle from the patient, both before and after the injection.
  • After use, the needle is automatically locked out (passive mechanism), confirmed by a red lock-out indicator.

100% of evaluators agreed that the “injection is easy” with DropSafe7

Injection Technique

What do I need to know about injection technique with DropSafe safety pen needles?

Guidelines suggest refreshing injection technique annually. Here’s a quick way to remember the steps:4


Secure the safety pen needle to the pen and prime the pen.


Alternate injection sites to prevent lipohypertrophy and ensure the patient receives the benefit of the full dose.


Firmly inject at a 90° angle or perpendicular to the skin.


Ensure to hold for a full 10 seconds to inject the full dose and prevent medication leakage. Begin the count after the pen has been fully depressed.


The instant the dose is delivered, remove the SPN off the pen injector and discard into a sharps container.


Your great technique has benefitted your patient therapeutically and experientially, while securing your safety.

spn injection technique

Pen Compatibility

Which pens are compatible with DropSafe safety pen needles?

Pen compatibility is driven by standards issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for both pen injector and pen needle companies. Pen needle and pen injector compatibility tests are conducted and confirmed by performance tests for compliance with ISO 11608-2:2012, which is recognized and approved by regulatory bodies and ISO committees worldwide. DropSafe safety pen needles have proven compatibility with the following pens:5

Eli Lilly
HumaPen® L U X U R A
HumaPen® L U X U R A HD
HumaPen® Ergo
HumaPen® Ergo II
HumaPen® savvio
Humalog® KwikPen™ 200 Units/mL
ABASAGLAR® KwikPen® 100 Units/mL

Lyxymia® 20 µg
Toujeo® Solostar® 300 units/mL
Lantus® SoloStar® 100 units/mL
Apidra® SoloStar® 100 units/mL

Owen Mumford / Berlin-Chemie
BerliPen® 301

Owen Mumford
Autopen®Classic 3.0mL x 1 units 1-21 units
Autopen®Classic 3.0mL x 2 units 2-42 units
Autopen®24 3.0mL x 1 units 1-21 units
Autopen®24 3.0mL x 2 units 2-42 units

Haselmeier / Berlin-Chemie
BerliPen® JUNIOR
BerliPen® areo

Haselmeier / Sanofi-Aventis

Copernicus Sp. Z o. o / Bioton

Gani Technology
Xiu Lin Pen



Novo Nordisk
NovoPen® 4
NovoPen® 3
NovoPen® 5
NovoPen® 6
NovoPen® Junior
NovoPen Echo®
Victoza® 6mg/mL

Instructions for Use


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